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We consider the Cable Shore-end Installation as our most expertise skill

•  If the water is too shallow for the main lay vessel to approach safely, a smaller shallow drafted vessel may be lay used to lay the shore end with floats.

•  In water depths where there are risks due to fishing and other man made activities such as anchoring etc., the cable is generally protected with articulated pipes and/or buried to a target depth of approximately 1 meter.  

•  The cable is laid to conform to the contours of the seabed to avoid cable lying in suspension.

•  Cable Protection & Stabilization by different methodologies are the keys for a Long Live Cable vision.

SPS shore-end cable installation

SPS have vast experience with all types and sizes of power cables from 2.5kV to 345kV and Fiber Optic Cables of any size or fiber count.

Shore-end cable installation

  • Global Shore-end Cable Installation.
  • Telecom/Power Cables Inspections & Reporting (Findings & Recommendations)
  • Telecom/Power Cables Maintenances.
  • Telecom/Power Cables Stabilization & Protection (Shore-ends, Articulated Pipes).
  • Cable & Pipelines Burial
  • Underwater Video & Photography Inspection Reports
  • Diving fleet and cable installation dive support.
  • Maintenance and repair of subsea systems.
  • Support for new cable installations, rerouting of cable systems and civil works.
  • Global Remedial Works, cable suspensions & pinning.
  • Vessel support of submarine cables.
  • Design and development of landing points and beach joints.
  • Power Grounding Unit (PGU) and all shore equipment provider.

Pulling operations during cable shore-end installation

Cable end cut after landing to shore.

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