The Lapseki II – Sutluce II (Canakkale) Project is the second link across the Dardanelles strait in Turkey and consists of the interconnection between Lapseki and Sutluce.

This second link will compliment the interconenection between Asia and Europe and will play a strategic role in order to complete Turkey’s power transmission grid and to ensure reliable and cost-effective power flow from the Asian genatation sites to the country’s European main cosumption centres including the congested Instabul area and closing the ring around the Marmara Sea.

The cables system that was installed is composed by:

  • Six submarine HVAC cables (a double circuit with three single power cables each)
  • Two optical cables bundled together with two AC cables, one per circuit

Prysmian Group has been awarded a contract worth a total of around €64 million by the Turkish utility TEIAS for the desigh, supply, installation, protection and commissioning of the above mentioned high voltage submarine power cable system. Assodivers Group was appointed by Prysmian to execute Post-Lay Burial operations by means of jetting and trenching for the above mentioned submarine cables. ASDG scope of work is also including the installation of mattresses at crossing locations as well as at route sections with hard seabed conditions. The project is in progress and foreseen to finish in the second quarter of 2016.

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