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Diving Works are essential for any Shore-end cable Installation and we know that this performance is critical for the Long Life of the future system installed.
Cable rerouting is frequently used to avoid future damages and repairs.

All our dive teams have a vast experienced in such installations all over the world and well prepared to response to any unknown event
such strong currents or wind changes.

SPS team always anticipate their actions during cable shore-end installation knowing how normally cables respond and act
during the cable pull operations when floating.

SPS divers installing articulated pipes on 194mm power cable

Diver carrying articulated pipes.

SPS diving works

Our diving works related with the installation and maintenance of Power & Telecoms Submarine Cables, in/export Oil & Gas pipes & umbilical’s, Wind Farms Cables, Cable Landing Points and Inland Diving. Our Dive Team have carried out a wide range of underwater operations and maritime services safely completing projects for government agencies, construction companies and private industry. We have earned an enviable reputation for exceptional service and safety record while carrying out projects.

Diver on Cable Trench during Cable Protection.

Fishing anchor in the proximity of unprotected cable.

Coastal Diving Works

  • Specialized in Telecom/Power Cables Inspections, Repairs & Maintenances.
  • Specialized in Telecom/Power Cable Installation Support.
  • Specialized in Cable Seabed Stabilization & Protection (Articulated Pipes, Saddle Clamps & Pinning)
  • Specialized in Cable & Pipelines Burial (Air dredging).
  • Underwater Video & Photography Inspection Reports.
  • Jetty & Ports Inspections, Repairs & Maintenances (Berthing and Mooring Structures, Bridge Substructures, Dry Docks, Ferry Terminals)
  • Vessels Inspections.

Inland/Inshore Diving Works

  • Slipway Repair & Inspection.
  • Scour Protection (Concrete Mattresses, Gabion Baskets, Grout Mattresses, Frond Mattresses).
  • Concrete and grout placement.
  • Air Dredging works (Burial/Un-burial)
  • Diving within Hydroelectric Power Stations – Maintenance & Repairs.
  • Underwater Video & Photography Inspection Reports.
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