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Submarine Project Services International, S.A. is a company specialized in global assistance services for Submarine Telecom/Power Cables, which provides Survey, Installation, Diving and Environmental works in shallow waters and coastlines all over the world. For nearly 25 years, SPS International has been providing expert cable installation services focused in shore-ends & shallow water systems, cable surveys & maintenance/repair services and cable protection/stabilization performance to the global subsea community.


SPS International provides a broad and comprehensive range of products and specialized services to the Fiber Optic & Power subsea cables and subaqueous industries. This includes as a main service but not limited to:

  • Pre/post cable route surveys, reporting-findings-recommendation.
  • Underwater photo & video reporting.
  • Global Shore-end cable installation.
  • Diving fleet and cable installation dive support.
  • Maintenance and repair of subsea systems.
  • Support for new cable installations, repairs, re-routing of cable systems and civil works.
  • Remedial Works, cable protection, suspensions, burial, stabilization & pinning.
  • Vessel support of submarine cables.
  • Design and development of landing points and beach joints.
  • Power Grounding Unit (PGU) and all shore equipment provider.
  • Environmental & Ecological studies, Work Permits Management, Coral Relocations & Monitoring.
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